Downsizing / Degrowth

Steady growth is the mantra of our economic science despite every reasonable person knows that continuous growth is impossible in a limited environment. We would need a second earth to continue business as usual and the promises of decoupling of energy consumption and production or the virtual growth of creativity have not come true. Economic science is still ignoring the laws of physics claiming that it just needs sufficient money to solve each and every problem. Of course, this is a simplified accusation but until we get a satisfying response from economic science for the challenges of the 21st century we need to look for an alternative approach.

We cannot step out of the constraints given by our market economy as a single person or company. But we can start making a difference. Downsizing and qualitative growth instead of quantitative growth can be an approach helping companies to survive without being forced to grow continuously. Also personally, we can live a life more happy and less dependent from economic forces – without reduction of our living standard.

We help to analyze your hidden costs and your secret behavior that keeps you trapped and prevents you from living your life you want and catching the opportunities you are looking for.